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The government has decided on a KRAFT development worth more than 12 billion HUF

By 2023, the former Kőszeg MÁV Children’s Home will become a new Knowledge Centre

According to Government Decision No.1805/2021 XI. 16., the new Knowledge Centre in Kőszeg is expected to be completed within the next 2 years with a budget of HUF 12.5 billion. Following the conversion and renovation of the former MÁV Children’s Home building complex, the Institute of Advanced Studies (FTI-iASK) and the Kőszeg Campus of the University of Pannonia plan to create an internationally renowned knowledge centre with a Central European focus, with research and development laboratories, lecture halls and guest rooms.

The main objective of the FTI-iASK is to provide an ideal creative environment for the best domestic and foreign researchers to work in Kőszeg and to ensure the infrastructural and technical conditions for scientific life at the international level.

The building was designed by Dezső Ekler.

The KRAFT program is being developed by Ferenc Miszlivetz and coordinated by the FTI-iASK, which he heads as Director-General. Thanks to the KRAFT program, a rural and spatial development concept developed over a decade ago, 7 buildings in Kőszeg have already been renovated (Zwinger, House of Eyes, House of Europe, Festetics Palace, Sgraffitós House, the former Benedictine monastery and Chernel Street) and 2 others are under renovation (Synagogue, Ball House)

‘Located outside the medieval core of the town of Kőszeg, the property and the large-scale investment will significantly increase the visibility of Kőszeg and the “actio radius” of iASK. The planned international doctoral school, a last major element of the KFAFT development concept, exceeds the city boundary of Kőszeg. If it is implemented, we would like to achieve that Szombathely returns to the common scientific activity and the two cities join hands.’ –  mentioned by Ferenc Miszlivetz in an interview to the regional journal „Vas Népe”.


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