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European Workshop – Book Launches of iASK at the 92nd Festive Book Week

I. Book signing

András Nagy: Knight of the Incognito (Joint Publishing by iASK and L’Harmattan)

Date: 02 September 20201, Thursday 18.00
Venue: 92nd Festive Book Week – Budapest, H-1054 Vigadó Square – Pavilion K12 


II. Discussion on the publications of the Institute of Advanced Studies  (iASK)

– Ferenc Miszlivetz – Laura Takács: Images of Kőszeg KRAFT

Iván Bába – Iván Gyurcsik – Csaba Gy. Kiss: Central Europe in 2020 – A Hungarian Perspective

– Anikó Magasházi: Singapore Globally Entangled – Lessons for Central Europe? Epilogue on Covid-19 Impacts

– Ferenc Miszlivetz – Attila Pók: Navigated Troubled Waters – Dedicated to György Schöpflin on his 80th birthday

Date: Friday 03 September 2021, 14:00
Venue: 92nd Festive Book Week – Budapest, H-1054 Vörösmarty square stage 

III. Discussion on the history of the Jewish community in Western Pannonia

– Edit Balázs: Pannonian Values – The Jewish Community in Körmend

Date: Saturday 04 September 2021 15.30
Venue: 92nd Festive Book Week – Budapest, 1054 Vigadó square stage

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