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The pandemic has forced the slowdown or shutdown of many economic sectors, including manufacturing. The difficult times, however, also present an opportunity for companies to prepare for the post-crisis challenges and forge technological capital by digitalizing. A Hungarian-Austrian scientific-industrial consortium has begun work on just such an industrial solution: ErgonoCloud. With a grant of one hundred thousand euros, the development of an innovative tool is under way to make production 30 percent faster, radically more efficient, while significantly reducing on-the-job accidents.


The emergence of the coronavirus has caused grave difficulties in a number of industries and created opportunities in others: while it has boosted pharmaceutical research, it has temporarily paralyzed tourism and hospitality and put some manufacturing segments – e.g. the automotive industry – into hibernation. What can a company do if it is forced to stop or slow production? It can use the period of crisis to develop and invest in digital solutions that may provide them with a competitive advantage during the post-crisis recovery.


A Hungarian-Austrian consortium, ErgonoCloud, is working on the development of such a high-tech solution within the framework of the European Union’s CloudiFacturing innovation program. In 12 months, the consortium of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg (iASK), ViveLab Ergo Kft. and Austrian In-Vision Gmbh. will develop a technology to improve production ergonomy, increase the efficiency of work while contributing significantly to the healthy state of mind and body of employees.  The singular technology under development may assist many companies to improve the efficacy of their manufacturing processes and their working conditions.


Manufacturing Ergonomics is a Key to Digitalization


ErgonoCloud builds on ViveLab’s existing solution, which increases production efficiency by optimizing production processes, reducing losses and improving quality. It achieves this by determining the position of employees in relation to machines, tools and each other during the production process, the postures they should take and movements they need to make as they perform their tasks. Digital modeling and thorough international standard evaluation of manufacturing and quality assurance is done by collecting data from sensor-equipped garments which analyze the movement of workers and the efficiency of the work process.



Data Analysis Performed by iASK


The Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg (iASK) is responsible for the analysis of the data both already available and newly recorded during measuring. “One of the cornerstones of our institute’s philosophy is the profound belief in the importance of bringing disciplines together in field-based research, development and innovation, since the combined results of technical, natural and human sciences can lead to socially important innovation and true sustainability. Traditional interpretive frameworks no longer provide sufficient points of reference. Our world has become very intricate and complex. Processes are sometimes dizzyingly rapid, contradictory, and more and more often lead to almost indecipherable conflicts. As a research institute active in several disciplines, we consider participating in such high value-added innovation programs and putting our wide research capacities to use in the development of practical solutions very important. We need to be proactive, innovative and creative! We must not be afraid to step out of the usual comfortable areas of thought!” – emphasized Professor Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director General of iASK.


This technology has so far been used mainly in lower value-added manufacturing, such as assembly work. One of the key implications of the ErgonoCloud project is extending its application to higher value-added manufacturing processes. In addition, a cloud-based software is to be developed: all workstations will be equipped with tablets, and operators will receive instruction from and by this software on how to execute their jobs more efficiently.

A One Hundred Thousand Euro Grant


Under the CloudiFacturing program, funded by the European Commission, the consortium received a grant of one hundred thousand euros for the implementation of the project. The resource is managed by the German Fraunhofer Institute, also involved in the development as a contributing and project-oriented organization.


In Hungary, the project was supported and submitted for support by ‘innomine’ Group Kft. – who, on the domestic side, oversee the proper use of resources and the effectiveness of work processes.

The project will be completed in one year, with the development of an Industry 4.0 product. We expect to see a product that will eventually be sold on the market. We are very optimistic, because this technology will be a major breakthrough for industry: production will be 30 percent faster, there will be fewer faulty products, accidents at work will be eliminated, and training and replacement of labor due to illness will be accelerated.” – says Gábor Vicze, Managing Director of innomine Group Kft.