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Tepavcevic, Sanja (2022) Building Resilience in the Times of the Cold War: Motives and Geography of Yugoslav and Soviet Migrations in 1946 – 1989
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP03
Stepanovic, Ivana (2022) Tweetstorms and Politics of Algorithmic Visibility: Precarious Online Labour of Ecology Activists and Climate Influencers in Serbia
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP02
On the Frontline: Civil Society Response to the War in Europe
Date: 14th of June (Tuesday) at 4 pm (CET)  Venue: Online platforms of iASK (Zoom and Facebook)
Crisis Prevention versus Crisis Response - Interview with Prof. Dan Brooks (iASK)
In an interview with Through the Noise Radio show, he spoke about the causes and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and how to prevent similar epidemics in the future.
iASK Network Helps Refugees from Ukraine
Members of the iASK international network have been involved in collecting and distributing food supplies, medicines and toiletries, clothes, toys, and other necessities in Hungary and throughout the EU
Taghiyev, Ravid (2022) Redefining “Who We Are?” Belarusian National Identity and Its Implications in the 2020 Post-Election Protests
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP01
Truth and Consequences- UNESCO MOST Winter School by iASK
Intergenerational Perspectives on Hybrid Risks 21st - 25th February 2022 Online platform: Zoom after a personal invitation Certificates will be awarded to those who have completed the whole program.
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Peace and conflict analysis; Private and public affairs - Changes in the public sphere in new virtual spaces; "Capitalocene" a new approach; Experiences from previous global crises;
Tepavcevic, Sanja (2021) Lessons from Previous Global Crises (Un)Applied During COVID-19 Pandemic: Immigrant Experiences in Austria and Hungary
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP04
Stepanović, Ivana (2021) Youtube as a New Site for Political Debates: New Opportunities for Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslav Countries
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP02
Praszkier, Ryszard (2021) Paving the Way to Peace: What Sort of Environment and Mindsets are Essential? Introducing the Peace-Oriented Mindset Concept
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP03
Attila Szigeti (2021) Anthropocene Narratives and the Ecopolitics of the Climate Crisis
Polányi Centre Working Paper II.2021/WP01