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Beyond Personal Digital Assistants - Podcast with László Z. Karvalics
The fellow researcher of the Institute of Advanced Studies was interviewed by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in a podcast on the occasion of their conference.
Tepavcevic, Sanja (2022) Building Resilience in the Times of the Cold War: Motives and Geography of Yugoslav and Soviet Migrations in 1946 – 1989
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP03
Stepanovic, Ivana (2022) Tweetstorms and Politics of Algorithmic Visibility: Precarious Online Labour of Ecology Activists and Climate Influencers in Serbia
Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP02
iASK at the 27th International Book Festival
iASK presents its publications at the 27th International Book Festival in Budapest from September 29th to October 2nd .
Week of Synagogues in Kőszeg 28th – 29th of August 2022
8th Creative City & Sustainable Region Conference - (Re)Connections
Creative City, Sustainable Region (Kraft) Conference at iASK Venue: Kőszeg, Zwinger Tower and Zoom platform Date: 18-19 September 2022
Week of Synagogues in Kőszeg 28th – 29th of August 2022
On the Frontline: Civil Society Response to the War in Europe
Date: 14th of June (Tuesday) at 4 pm (CET)  Venue: Online platforms of iASK (Zoom and Facebook)
Complex Improvisational Art Pedagogy with a Focus on Music - Professional training at iASK
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Music Program of the Kőszeg Sounding Well
KRAFT - Synergy Campus Kőszeg presented at the Conference of Hungarian American Academics
Ferenc Miszlivetz (director, iASK) gave a presentation at the Hungarian American Academic Conference
Herend Management 4.0, the successful company strategy - Science in the Pub
Date: Monday, 16 May 2022, 18.00 CET. Venue: Ibrahim Cafe & Restaurant - Kőszeg H-9730, Főtér 17.