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Beyond Personal Digital Assistants – Podcast with László Z. Karvalics

Laszlo Karvalics

The fellow researcher of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, László Z. Karvalics will participate in the 3rd conference on Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4IA) organized by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. More information about the conference and registration HERE.

On Wednesday, September 28th the podcast Beyond Personal Digital Assistants – The Vision of Artificial Individual Lifetime Peers (AILP) featured the host Ayushi Khemka who discussed the deep history behind artificial intelligence with László Z. Karvalics. They talked about the past and the future of AI as supportive technology. Their conversation touches on the Google/AI sentience debate, information preservation, social media, and the concept of “intelligence augmentation.” The podcast is available on the Carnegie Council website as well as on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

László Z. Karvalics Founding Director of the BME-UNESCO Information Society and Trend Research Institute, associate professor. His research field: information society, social impacts of information technology, comparative analysis of national information strategies, information history, press history, education in the information age and knowledge management theory and practice, smart cities.