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András A. Gergely: The “Smartened” City-Region (Peri-mikro-szkóp, 2018.)

András A. Gergely’s work has been published in the online journal ’peri-mikro-szkóp’, in which he presents the book Creative Cities and Sustainability. Proposals to achieve the Danube strategy via the example of Western Pannonia first published in 2012 and republished in 2014 and the book titled Creative Cities and Sustainability (2015). Both books include the works of Ferenc Miszlivetz and the research group of ISES on the topics of sustainability, new development strategies, innovation and creative cities extended with architecture and cultural heritage preservation in the second volume.
The great value research represents is that it undertakes to discuss theoretical and methodological problems in the extremely important and topical issues of integrated urban and regional development while it also outlines concrete proposals for a given region (Excerpt from Tibor Palánkai’s review).
The English version of the study is available here. (Translated by Éva Szalai)