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A Dream has Become Reality in Kőszeg – Creative Cities and Sustainable Regions program

Relying on Ferenc Miszlivetz’s ideas, the ‘Creative Cities and Sustainable Regions’ (KRAFT) concept had been formulated and its systematic development commenced in 2012 with assistance from the Hungarian government.

Infrastructure improvements of the town, renovation of the related historic buildings, expansion of local services and establishment of bonds of cooperation all contribute to the competitiveness of Kőszeg in the international arena.

Kőszeg has several decades of catching up to do whereby the outstanding, unique KRAFT program presents an unprecedented opportunity for this small town. Thanks to governmental support, the town has been being renewed step by step with the harmonised, continuous involvement of relevant partners.

Kőszeg, that is a town of schools and historic buildings, has been being renewed nowadays. Its geographical location, uniform built heritage, peerless historical and civic traditions and its long history as a school town enhance its potential to become a novel knowledge centre, thus integrating Hungary into the international scientific and cultural sphere.

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