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Why do Russians accept the murder of Ukrainians? Philosophy of war and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

The article was written by Larysa Tamilina, associated fellow of iASK and was released on Vox Ukraine on 10 June 2022.



Putin’s addiction to Russian philosophers (Ivan Ilyin or Aleksandr Dugin) is widely known. Despite the potentially significant role of philosophy in framing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the vast majority of scholars remain either ignorant or reluctant to utilize it. The current study aims to eliminate this drawback by focusing on the prominent Russian philosopher – Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900) – and his book “War, Progress and the End of History” which outlines the foundation of Russian philosophy regarding murder and war. I use Solovyov’s philosophical approach to examine Putin’s line of reasoning and his propaganda regarding the Russian ongoing invasion of Ukraine.


The article is available HERE, with full text