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From Monnet to Merkel – Ambitions, Illusions and Realities – Stuart Holland’s lecture at iASK

Second Lecture of the iASK Series: “The Future of Europe in Global Context” by Stuart Holland (University of Coimbra, iASK)

Date: 3 p.m. 19 March, 2018

Venue: Zwinger Old Tower, Chernel St. 16. H-9730 Kőszeg

Stuart Holland’s lecture will echo his case since the 1970s that Monnet style supranationalism could undermine national democracies (see Wikipedia). But will focus on the claims of the Visegrad 4 statement of June 2016 that:

(1), there should be limits to supranationalism and that the voice of national parliaments must be heard;

(2). the need to avoid polarisation of debate on ‘more’ or ‘less’ Europe and to focus on gaining a better Europe;

(3), that there should be a recovery of Treaty commitments to convergence and cohesion, boosting investment, supporting innovation and achieving sustainable jobs and

(4), that European institutions not only should define challenges but link them to existing policy instruments and their effective implementation.

He also will relate this to a stronger SPD presence in Angela Merkel’s 4th administration and the commitment of Emmanuel Macron to a reformed and different Europe.