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Rethinking Central Europe – Why the Future of Europe will be Decided Here?

Reflections on the Book by Emil Brix and Erhard Busek ”Central Europe Revisited”

One of the major research projects of The Institute of Advanced Study Kőszeg (iASK) focuses on the problems of Central Europe: Central Europe as an analytical concept and as a political reality. The iASK has recently published the Hungarian version of an, after 30 years rewritten version of a book about the region by the distinguished Austrian scholars and politicians, Emil Brix and Erhard Busek. Soon forthcoming is a work by three Hungarian social scientists: Iván Bába, Iván Gyurcsik, and Csaba Kiss Gy. entitled: Central Europe with Visegrád eyes. These two publications were discussed at a round table in the central building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on February 12, 2020.

The event (co-organized by iASK and the Hungarian Council of the European Movement) was moderated by the director of iASK) Ferenc Miszlivetz.

Participants, in addition to the authors, include Catherine Horel (Sorbonne) and Pál Hatos (the National University of Public Service in Budapest).