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A Soul for Europe Conference 2019 in Berlin – Towards A European Citizens’ Convention

A Soul for Europe connects and mobilizes citizens and democratic institutions across Europe, fostering a sense of responsibility for the future of Europe and democracy through culture.
At the very heart of the Initiative are 30 outstanding individuals from 20 countries. They form the Strategy Group and work as civil society actors in culture, politics, research and media, at universities or in the business sector. The Strategy Group is responsible for the conceptual development and dissemination of the idea of A Soul for Europe through projects and initiatives.

In the panel titled “Strengthening the European Identity through the Culture and Education – And how to manage it?” were participated Jody P. Jensen (ISES), Izabella Agárdi (iASK), Kathrin Deventer (European Festival Association), Miguel Angel Martín Ramos and Steve Austen (Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University)