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300 Years of the Freemasonry by Attila Pók – Science in the Pub

It deals with great, general philosophical and moral questions and it started with many internal debates in different countries, in diverse manners and at different times.

Lecture was given in Science in the Pub series by Attila Pók (historian (ELTE, iASK).

It is the anniversary of freemasonry in the modern sense and one of the major events of the French revolution – historians reflect this way on 24 June 1717 when 4 masonic lodges of London gathered on Saint John’s day, at the time of the summer solstice in the inn called “Goose & Gridiron”. The lodges formerly functioning independently decided to form the Premier Grand Lodge of England thus separating themselves from the others ­ historian Attila Pók (professor at ELTE and research fellow at iASK) recalled the day that happened 300 year ago.

Date: 11st of December 2017

Venue: Ibrahim Coffee-house Kőszeg H-9730 Főtér 17.