Research & Studies
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Graham Bell: What Next? Europa Nostra’s 7 Most Endangered programme
 Fabio Terribile: Új távlatok a fenntartható földgazdálkodásban
Sándor Kerekes: Circular Economy in Service of Sustainability: The Case of Kőszeg II.
Hillary Brown: Circular Economy in Service of Sustainability
Dagmar Cagáňová: Best Practices of Modern Cities
Gergely Erdős: Population Health Management in the Data Era 
Dan Brooks: Global Climate Change; Time to Own It
Filipe Teles: Alice lost in Wonderland? Territorial Innovation and Regional Development
Mytaher Haskuka: Cultural Heritage Preservation and Creative Solutions
Tímea Berki: Making the Impossible Possible – Challenges of Renovating the Bánffy Castle in Bonchida
Mario Neve: Faces Places - Visages villages
Charles Vörösmarty: Sustainability in a global Context