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Colours and shadows - Tamás Fejérdy's guidelines on the colouration of facades of historic buildings
Tamás Fejérdy's book "Guidelines for the colouration of facades of historic buildings" is available for pre-order from FTI-iASK Publishing at [email protected] or at
Pannonian Values - The Jews of Körmend - Special Video Recommendation by Edit Szántóné Balázs
This content is available only in Hungarian!
Complexity in Nature and Society - From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies
Global warming, biodiversity, water security, migration, and many other challenges of the 21st century urge us to shift from traditional disciplinary thinking to integrative thinking about complex issues of nature and society. Complex systems science is a research field devoted to this new way of thinking.
Why Singapore? - Questions and Answers about Anikó Magasházi's New Book - Video Recommendation
Singapore Globally Entangled – Lessons for Central Europe? titled new book published by iASK can be ordered at [email protected]
The College Movement and the Political Transition in Hungary 1987-1990 - Special Video Recommendation by Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy
Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy was one of the former founders, leaders and members of the László Németh Collegium Movement of Szombathely.
Central Europe – The Hungarian View – Special Video Recommendation by Iván Bába
This content is available only in Hungarian!
Deadly sympathy: the “Hungarian case” and the UN 1956-1963 - Special Video Recommendation by András Nagy
This content is available only in Hungarian!
Talking Houses - The City of Kőszeg by Mónika Mátay
The urban research project, initiated five years ago, is based on the original idea of Elemér Hankiss.