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Introducing the iASK Library, Kőszeg
Taking the special collections into account, readers can currently access nearly 13,000 volumes, nearly 90% of which are in English.
Ferenc Miszlivetz: The future of the World and the idea of the Future University
Quarantine Concert by Károly Binder
Mariann Szabó & Ákos Jakobi: Introducing the Creative Cities and Sustainable Regional Strategy
H.E. Katalin Bogyay: The Role of Women and the Impact of Women Leaders #IntheTimeofCorona
Sándor Kerekes: Risk perception and cultural rationality
Martin Svarovsky: Security and defense cooperation in Central Europe- mission impossible?
Tibor Navracsics: Our Europe, Our Responsibility
Gertrud Kendernay-Nagyidai: How the European Parliament establishes its workings during COVID-19
H.E. Mladen Andrlic: EU Croatian Presidency
Sean Cleary: Crafting the World We Want – and Our Children Deserve
Lyubov Shishelina: The challenges of “post-COVID” realities for Russia and its foreign policy