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Pannonian Values - The Jews of Körmend - Special Video Recommendation by Edit Szántóné Balázs
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The College Movement and the Political Transition in Hungary 1987-1990 - Special Video Recommendation by Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy
Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy was one of the former founders, leaders and members of the László Németh Collegium Movement of Szombathely.
Central Europe – The Hungarian View – Special Video Recommendation by Iván Bába
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Deadly sympathy: the “Hungarian case” and the UN 1956-1963 - Special Video Recommendation by András Nagy
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Evaluation of iASK by the Member of the Advisory Board
Central Europe 2020 and Beyond – Reflections on the Book by Emil Brix and Erhard Busek ”Central Europe Revisited”
Remarks on the occasion of the publication of the Hungarian version of the book by Iván Bába (former State Secretary, professor, National University of Public Service Budapest) in Hungarian.
Hankiss in Kőszeg – Interview with participants (Norbert Kroó and Attila Pók) at ATV Start Plusz - 29 of October 2018
Interview with János Bogárdi (hydrologist)
Interview with Marjorie Jouen and Stuart Holland
Exclusive interview with Erhard Busek
Miszlivetz Ferenc - - Élő adásban elemezzük az amerikai elnökválasztás eredményét