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János Pusztay : Linguistic Affinity – Illusions and Science
Conflict between the Emperor and the Lutheran Kőszeg (1627-1635) – Science in the Pub
The Children – A Worthwhile Investment of Society – Science in the Pub
Ferenc Kiefer: Language and Society – Interactions of Variations
Science in the Pub Series by iASK and University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus
György Csepeli: Human 2.0 – Consequences of the Artificial Intelligence
Science and Technology – Revolution in the 21st Century – Science in the Pub
Nobody will laugh! – Central European Grotesque in the 20th Century
András Gelencsér: A Planet Lost – Science in the Pub
Bilingualism and the aspects of being bilingual
Anikó Magasházi: Singapore and Southeast Asia (Science in the Pub)
Secrets Behind the Walls – Eleven Mysteries of Kőszeg
Vilmos Csányi: Elementary Units of Human Knowledge – An Evolutionary Analysis