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Science – Compass for a Liveable Future – Feast of Hungarian Science

iASK’s online program series for the Hungarian Science Festival in November 2021.

For decades, bibliotherapy has been known as the cure for a wide variety of problems in our lives through the right choice of books. Belief in the power of books dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece, where library signs let readers know they were entering a place that would bring healing to the soul.

Video promotion of books published by the FTI-iASK helps you to select readings that attempt to provide answers to the problems and challenges of the 21st century. Recognizing the problem to be solved is the first step to finding the right remedy and successful treatment.

All the videos will be available on the website of iASK at the indicated dates.

Book recommendations from the reading promotion science channel:

3. November, Wednesday 9 a.m. – Complexity in Nature and Society

Dezső Boda: From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies

10. November Wednesday 3 p.m. – Lessons for Central Europe

Anikó Magasházi: Singapore Globally Entangled

17. November, Wednesday 3 p.m. – Sustainable Built Heritage

Tamás Fejérdy: Talking Colours

23. November, Tuesday 3 p.m. – Genius Loci

Ferenc Miszlivetz-Laura Takács: Images of Kőszeg KRAFT

30. November, Tuesday 3 p.m. – Living History

Jody Jensen: Memory Politics and Populism in Southeastern Europe