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The bitter fruits of 1918-1920 for the Hungarians

György Csepeli, research fellow of iASK has written a new article: The bitter fruits of 1918-1920 for the Hungarians.

The article was released in Visegrad Europe, 2019. No. 1-2., p. 116-121.



The paper deals with the social psychological consequences of the newly established international arrangement emerging as a result of the peace treaty closing WWI for Hungary at the Grand Palace of Trianon in Versailles. The treaty was very well accepted by the states neighboring Hungary. The Hungarian society, however, found the peace treaty of Trianon appalling. A trauma which has not gone away. The question is how the Hungarian society will come to terms with this trauma in the framework of the European Union which made the borders between the member states spiritual.


Keywords: false realism, Trianon peace treaty, clashing perspectives, collective trauma


The article is available here.


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