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Stars and Debates: Who does Europe Remember?

Debate on  memory politics will be held at the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe in Vienna on 3 December (Thursday), 2020 at 5 pm.

When new statues are erected, streets are renamed, or old-new monuments are just unveiled, public space can quickly and easily become a political tool and an emotional battle zone.

  • Why is it so hard to remember, especially in Central and Southeastern Europe?
  • What role does worship and heroism play in the European Union today?
  • What strategies are there in art, politics, and science to end the grievances of the past?

Explore the boundaries of our memory and memory politics!

Attila Pók (historian, researcher of iASK) is as one of the experts of the roundtable discussion.

Join the conversation and take a critical look at former heroes of memory culture and current projects together!

More details about the online zoom program and registration can be found HERE in German.