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Socio Summit, Kőszeg 2022 – 1st International Socio-Kraft Conference

The 1st International Socio-Kraft Conference, organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies, Kőszeg (iASK) will be held in the beautiful and historic city of Kőszeg on June 9-10, 2022 in hybrid form (personal presence is preferred).

The focus of the conference is on the social impact of the social services provider sector and the current national and international challenges related to it. In the program, together with renowned researchers and practitioners of the field, we reflect on current issues affecting the role of social service providers in relation to the community and/or society; internal and external resources; synergies among the human sectors in national and international arenas; furthermore, we make an attempt to present the opportunities for developing resilient operating models. Our partner in professional preparation is the Centre for Social Care Excellence at Semmelweis University.

The two-day event will feature an exchange of ideas, fresh research findings, opinions and experiences in the form of lectures, interactive section meetings and a poster section. On the second day of the conference, we will organize a ‘cafe’ where we will have the opportunity to network and share knowledge directly.

More information and registration – for a lecture, poster presentation, participation – at You can apply for a lecture or poster presentation until April 30, 2022 by uploading an abstract and short CV on the registration page.

Following the event, a conference volume will be published by the organizers. You can indicate your intention to publish by sending an abstract in English to [email protected] by April 30, 2022.

You can contact the conference organizers at [email protected].

Let’s meet at SOCIO SUMMIT, 2022 in Kőszeg!