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Social Innovation – theory and practice from the perspective of “Creative City – Sustainable Region” (KRAFT) National Program

This article was written by Ferenc Miszlivetz (Director of iASK), Mariann Szabó, László Karvalics Z. (iASK research fellows), Jody Jensen (Jean Monnet Chair for European Solidarity and Social Cohesion, iASK research fellow), and Katalin Galambos (iASK research fellow) and was published in European Integration Studies, Vol. 17., Nr. 2. in 2021.



In this study we summarize the importance, research aspects of social innovation both from the theoretical and practical points of view. We begin with the introduction of the KRAFT Programme (started in 2012), a pilot regional development policy and its relation to social innovation. It is followed by presenting the interrelatedness of social innovation and the UN Sustainable Development  Goals, highlighting the various challenges which should be addressed. In accordance with many years of experience in regional development, we put much emphasis on the  governance of social innovations and the variety of actors which could be the initiators. In this regard, we describe how different organizations can be engaged in such practices resulting in social  change (social meta-innovation). Finally, we highlight some best practices in the field of social innovation at the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK).
Keywords: KRAFT Programme, Social Innovation, Social Change, Sustainable Development Goals, Quintuple Helix, Best Practices
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