Research & Studies

Sharpening conflicts II. – Between Powerful Neighbours

Central European Scenarios

Date: June 7, 2017, at 4:00 pm.

Venue: Zwinger – Oldtower Kőszeg H-9730 Chernel st. 16.


Moderator: Ferenc Miszlivetz – Director of iASK

Dr. Erhard Busek – former Vice-Chancellor of Austria

Dr. Iván Bába – former State Secretary and Ambassador in Ministry for Foreign Affairs Hungary, Deputy Director of iASK

Dr. Ahmet Evin – former founding  Dean of the Sabanci University, Istanbul

Young iASK Researchers: Dimitar Nikolovski (Macedonia), Astrea Pejovic (Serbia),

Igor Stipic (Bosnia-Herzegovina),


Philippe Schmitter, Sociologist (European Univ. Institute)


Core topics:

·         Evaporating States

·         Decaying Democracy

·         Self-Isolating Societies

·         Different Viewpoints and Interests