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Shades Hidden in Matter – Exhibition Opening on the 6th of April

On 6 April 2018, at 5 p.m. sculptor Endre András Tornay’s exhibiton entitled “Shades hidden in matter” will be opened by iASK in the Zwinger Old Tower in Kőszeg.

Endre András Tornay (1949, Zetea – 2008, Kőszeg)

Despite his Transylvanian ancestry, he lived and worked in Hungary from 1976 until his death. He settled down first in Balassagyarmat, then he moved to Kőszeg in 1982. Wood was the primary material that he worked with but sometimes he also used stone or bronze. His art is characterized by abstract design that manifested initially in the form of highly reduced plastics. Later his set of symbols broadened and became more and more sophisticated, however the roots of Transylvanian folk art still remained its integral part. His pieces of art are modern and progressive in a line with the newest tendencies of sculpture and medal art. Even though he died of long-term, severe disease at a very young age he left a significant lifetime achievement in the arts.