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Resilience in the Times of Covid-19

The article was written with the contribution of Ivana Stepanović, current iASK researcher and was released in Drustvene i humanisticke studije, Vol. 6, Nr. 3 in 2021.



Resilience in the Times of Covid-19: Rethinking the Neoliberal Paradigm and Creating New Strategies for Battling the Global Change



The paper is an attempt to redefine the concept of resilience in the context of changes taking place globally. One of the key changes was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has shown the inadequacy of the neoliberal discourse of resilience that shifts responsibility to individuals who must be prepared to overcome the circumstances of crisis or shock. However, resilience can be seen in terms of solidarity, dignity and responsibility towards others. Resilience also implies strategies that involve large investments in public health, ecology and self-sustainable solutions to battle climate change that is causing infectious diseases. The purpose of this paper is to raise awareness of the need to start creating a set of public policies that would imply an ethical evaluation related to the success or failure of treating others responsibly.


Keywords: resilience, COVID-19, neoliberalism, environment, ethic responsibility


The article is available HERE with full text.