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Reframing Europe’s Future

Reframing Europe’s Future : Challenges and failures of the European construction / ed. by Jody Jensen and Ferenc Miszlivetz

Many fundamental questions have emerged since the global financial crisis began. These include how we want to live on this planet and how we want to live with each other. Questions have been raised about our present trajectory, examining the premise on which the present system is built. It is clear from the protests of people and from the ‘appalled’ and ‘outraged” academics that something big has to change. No change simply means we will fail; therefore, change must come. (…)

This volume attempts to outline what got us into crisis and also, more importantly, informs us about our options. (…) This volume tries to challenge current assumptions and notions of the free market system we know, as well as the discourse and frames trough which the crisis has been viewed and analysed. The volume is inherently interdisciplinary and each section reflects a wide range of interdependent fields and approaches. (…)

The wide international contributors from many fields and perspectives provide new and thought-provoking ways of looking at global, regional and national challenges. What the conributions have in common is a commitment to changing the current order while endorsing a more balanced multi-stakeholder (states, markets and society) approach to problem-solving. This means inquiring into the deeper levels and structures of the present crisis, on the values and mindsets underneath the surface, in order to find more equitable, just and sustainable solutions. The volume is designed for concerned citizens as well as for academics and practitioners. It provides a broad, interdisciplinary and accessible description and analyses of the complex and interdependent crises Europe and the world confornt today. /Excerpt from Introduction/



Published by Routledge
267 pages

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