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Professor Zoltán Gaál received a Kőszeg award at the Royal City Day of Kőszeg

Dr. Zoltán Gaál, former Deputy Director-General of the Institute of Advanced Studies (iASK), received a Certificate of Honour from the Municipality of Kőszeg on the occasion of the Royal Kőszeg Town Day 2021.

Zoltán Gaál was honoured for his outstanding work in the launch of the University of Pannonia Kőszeg Campus and the implementation of the Creative City, Sustainable Region (KRAFT) programme.

Zoltán Gaál, a chemical engineer, former rector and professor emeritus of the University of Pannonia, has been an active supporter and participant in the implementation of the KRAFT programme since 2016 at iASK. Zoltán Gaál was the coordinator of the basic and applied research and related fieldwork based on the integrated methodology of sustainable rural areas, the strategic planner and consultancy supporter of the KRAFT, and then Deputy Director-General between 2016-2021.

Congratulations to Professor Zoltán Gaál for his recognition!