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Váczi, Dániel

Dániel Váczi is a composer, saxophonist, designer of musical instruments, music machines and toys, and researcher. He graduated from the ELTE in 1998 with a degree in biology. He develops sound visualization (Hímzőgugel) and image sonification (Hangrajz) instruments, wind (Glissonic) and keyboard (DiHexaTone) instruments, various computer-controlled interactive music automata and music-based logic games (Urobo). He has developed a new musical system (Reticular Music) that can be used in both compositional and improvisational techniques. His orchestras are Váczi Dániel Multet, Trio Squelini, Ektár, Kada ad Libitum, BIO. He has performed and/or composed music on more than 25 recordings.