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Tímea Seres-Pittlik

Seres-Pittlik Tímea – Sociologist, social policy expert, lecturer and curriculum developer at the Semmelweis University Social Leadership Knowledge Center, in Budapest. Teaching areas: ethical organization and ethical leader, methods and tools of advocacy and alignment for leaders, social services innovation and development.

Worked as head of department at the ministry and actively took a leadership role in the social services sector administration. Gained professional experience in several fields of the social services sector: child welfare, support services, elderly care, integrated institutions. Coordinates institutional management programs and student internships.  Goal of teaching activity is to develop, promote and support networking among the leaders of social services sector.

Additional experience as a professional consultant and team leaders in European Union programs implemented in the social services sector. Areas of expertise: introduction of new social services, management training, methodological development of social services benefits.

Member of the Szocio-Kraft research team in Kőszeg, whose research focus is to strengthen social resilience by developing social service providers, creating opportunities for organizational and community innovation by connecting service providers in the Western Transdanubia region.