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Sardá Borroy, Rafael


Esade Barcelona

Rafael Sardá, Senior Scientist of the National Council of Research (CSIC), doing research at the Coastal and Marine Social-Ecological Systems Unit of the CEAB. Associate Professor of the Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences Department of ESADE Business School (www.esade.edu) teaching Environmental Management Courses, and cofounder of the Business and the Environment group of the Global Alliance of Business Schools (CEMS) (www.cems.org).Rafael Sardá is developing research and applications in the frontier between social and ecological systems, how they work and interact, how to cope with present and emerging, local and global environmental problems and the role, if any, that science and regulations might play in it. His most basic topics of research include Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Ocean Governance, Soft-bottom Marine Benthic Ecology, and Sustainability. Represents CSIC in international expert group consultations on coastal and marine research affairs.