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Sanja Tepavcevic

Sanja Tepavcevic is a Research Fellow at Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg. Previously she held various academic and administrative positions at Central European University, Budapest, and faculty positions at Budapest Business University and Eötvös Lóránd University. Sanja is a member of the Budapest-based non-governmental organization Dialogue and external associate of the Croatia-based Institute of European and Globalization Studies. Dr. Tepavcevic holds a Russian Diploma in Journalism from Moscow State University, an MA in International Relations and European Studies, and a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University. Her research expertise includes Russian foreign policy and foreign direct investments of Russian companies, post-Soviet migrations and immigrant entrepreneurship, and migration and foreign economic policies of former Yugoslav states and countries of the Visegrad 4 Group. Her publications appear in a number of peer-reviewed journals including, United Nations’ Transnational Corporations Journal, Journal of East-West Business, and the Journal of Eastern European Management Studies. She has a decade-long experience as a journalist in Russia and Serbia. She is also a contributor for Geopolitika, a Croatian analytical portal.

Motives and Patterns of Post-Soviet Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Austria

Abstract: The project addresses the relationship between foreign direct investments from emerging markets, entrepreneurship, and post-Soviet migrations. By applying the Varieties of Capitalism paradigm on immigrant entrepreneurship, the project provides new theoretical insights on the literature on comparative and international political economy, as well as insights for policy-makers on migration at the EU and member-states levels.