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Pecze, Anna


Corvinus University

Anna Pecze, architect at the Finta and Partners Architect Studio. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 2012 at University of Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2013 she was admitted to the PhD School of the Szent István University in Budapest. During the period 2013-2016, he intensively participated in the work of the Department of Urban Planning as well in education and researches, too. Participated on various international conferences and author of several publications. Her research area is the urban planning focusing on the evolution, morphology and typology of the twin-towns along the river Tisza. Starting from the fact that the Main Street is the artery of the town most of the characteristic that make twin towns unique can be interpreted by them. The purpose of the research is to prove the hypothesis as the Main Street is the mirror of the settlements. In other words, the Main Street allows better understanding the complex relations between built structure and open spaces, and it presents the structure, development, changes in the history and everyday life of the settlement. The understanding and perception of the Main Streets, but at the same time finding a framework which will allow these urban elements to evolve organically is the fulcrum of the research.