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Ljupcho Petkovski

Freelance policy consultant

Ljupcho Petkovski is a freelance policy consultant from Skopje, North Macedonia. Until December 2019, Ljupcho headed Eurothink – Centre for European Strategies, one of the strongest independent and non-partisan policy research and advocacy groups in the country, focused on promotion of liberal-democratic values through Europeanization of society. At the moment, Petkovski is working on several initiatives funded by international organizations and foreign universities, including research of the link between corruption and political radicalization as well as studies of sustainable development and critical thinking skills among the Macedonian population. In the past, he has published on populism, social movements, and Europeanization and he is interested in post- foundationalism, qualitative methodologies of research and the role emotions play in ideologies and political communication. Pekovski has consulted governments, political foundations and international organizations.