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Lidegaard, Bo


Historian, Denmark

Dr. Bo Lidegaard (born 1958) is a Danish historian, writer and strategic advisor, formerly a diplomat and editor. He has served in the Danish Foreign Service (1984-2005), as the top European, international and national security advisor to consecutive Danish Prime ministers (2005-11), and as Executive Editor-in-Chief at Politiken, the leading Danish daily (2011-16). Bo continues to publish weekly columns in Politiken and contributes op-eds to international media. In addition, his engagement in the public debate Bo also provides strategic advice to governments and within the corporate world, especially on European issues. In 1996, he published the book (in Danish): “The Highest Price. Poul Bang-Jensen and the United Nations 1955-59” outlining the lead up to the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and the international response to it. Translated into Hungarian same year.