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Keresnyei, János


Janos Keresnyei Msc,MBA economist engaged more than ten years ago to the cultural creative industry (CCI) development. He was co-founder of the Creative Industry Cluster with the aim to raise awareness of economic weight of CCI among decision makers and stakeholders. As a president of CICC Association (Cultural Innovation Competence Centre) and later as the president of the cluster as well he is working on clusterization among CCI Enterprises in and out of the region. He has participated in several EU Interreg CE, SEE and Erasmus projects as senior project manager and present time he is the communication leader of the Forget Heritage Interreg CE project.

Their projects are researching for new models cooperation between local community and creative enterprises and also seeking for new ways o co-working and co-operation of artists and industries. Janos Keresnyei is a business development coach within the framework of European Commission’s Horizon2020 SME Instrument business development system.