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Kálmán Kálóczi

Kálmán Káloczi agricultural engineer,

  • participated in the field of rural development tasks through my engineering work
  • elected Mayor of Badacsonytomaj from 1990 until 2002
  • Member Council of Europe of the Built and Natural Environment Committee 1991-1995
  • Member of the Balaton Association 1991-1995
  • Member of the General Assembly of Veszprém County Council 1994-1998
  • Member of the Regional Development and Infrastructure Committee of the Veszprém County Council 1994-1998
  • member of the Labor Council of Veszprém, then president of the 1995-1998
  • Member of the Balaton Development Council 1998-2004,
  • Hungarian Region and Regional Development Agency, Central Transdanubian Region Director, 2004-2007
  • the Founding Board of the Foundation for the World Heritage of Lake Balaton in 2007 –
  • Permanent Invitation of the Balaton Development Council in 2007 –
  • Member of the Spatial Planning and Communal Committee of Veszprém County Council 2003-2006
  • Curator of the Foundation for Tourism in Veszprém County Municipality 2002- 2008
  • Member of the Lake Balaton Water Collection Management Board 2011-
  • Member of the Local History Society of Lake Balaton Since 2013 -,

I have been working with my curator colleagues for the Balaton Uplands to take their place worthy of the sites of outstanding universal values with the title of the World Heritage, keeping in mind and struggling to keep the landscape, natural, cultural and historical values of the Balaton Uplands Culture . I also try to serve my local history research. According to public opinion, Balaton is a national treasure, so maintaining it is an important national task.