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Jeszenszky, Géza


Historian, former Minister of foreign Affairs, Hungary

Géza Jeszenszky (Budapest, 1941), D. Phil., historian, graduated from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. From 1976 to 2011, he taught at what is today Corvinus University of Budapest. Was a Fulbright Visiting Professor at U.C. Santa Barbara in 1984-86. Taught the history of international relations and of Central Europe at numerous other universities in the U.S. and Europe. He was Foreign Minister of Hungary in the first nonCommunist government (1990–94), Ambassador to the United States of America in 1998–2002, and in 2011-2014 to Norway and Iceland. He is the author of numerous publications on history and foreign policy, his latest book in English is Post-Communist Europe and Its National/Ethnic Problems (Budapest, 2009). His account of Hungary’s relations to her neighbours (in Hungarian) came out in 2016. He is an editorial adviser for Hungarian Review.