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Farid Tabarki

He is the founding director of Studio Zeitgeist and a sought-after keynote speaker, event host and world traveller. He is a regular contributor to Het Financieele Dagblad, a Dutch daily newspaper focusing on finance and economy (for six years he has been one of their weekly columnists). In 2017 his widely acclaimed first book ‘The end of the middle – What a society of extremes means to people, businesses and government’ was published in English. Since 2013 Farid became the youngest person on the list of the 200 most influential people in the Netherlands according to Dutch daily morning newspaper de Volkskrant. He also presented the parliamentary election edition of MTV Coolpolitics, which was broadcasted live on TMF and MTV Benelux. More recently he presented the television program Dare to Think, from Socrates to Sartre. Farid sits on various supervisory boards and committees. He is a member of the supervisory board of Stadgenoot (one of the largest housing corporations in Amsterdam), Prince Bernhard Culture Fund and International Theatre Amsterdam. In 2015 he was a member of Platform Onderwijs 2032: commissioned by the Dutch government, the platform presented a vision on Dutch education policy moving towards the year 2032. Last but not least, Farid is a true world traveller: he plans to visit all the countries of the world. The counter currently stands at 165 (33 to go).