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Catherine Horel


Catherine Horel is a French historian. She is a senior researcher and program director at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). She is an internationally recognized expert in the history of Central Europe, including Hungary. Her interest in the Central European region, and especially in Hungary, began with 19th-century themes: important writings on the history of Hungarian emigration to France in 1848, her image of 19th-century French travelers in Hungary (French travelers in Hungary 1818 – 1910, Budapest, Kossuth Publishing, 2020). In 1993, she wrote her doctorate entitled “Problems of Assimilation and Emancipation of Hungarian Jews between 1825 and 1849”. In 2010, she received the Guizot Award from the French Academy. In 2011, she published a book on the region at the Academic Publisher: Europe in the Middle – From the Habsburgs to European Integration, 1815-2004. Her biographical book about Miklós Horthy was published in 2014 courtesy of Perrin Publishing House and in Hungarian in 2017 with Kossuth Publisher. She has appeared on France Culture2 several times.