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Bernadett Scheer & Uwe Scheer

Besides their artistic and educational activities Bernadette and Uwe Scheer have been the artistic directors of the Günser Streicher (Köszeg string orchestra) since 2009 and have become the initiators of the revival of Köszeg’s musical history.  Since 2017 the works of long forgotten composers whose names are closely connected with the city of Köszeg have been resumed in performances. Uwe Scheer, who was granted a scholarship by the IASK, has produced a remarkable paper on the history of string music between 1900 and the time of the foundation of the Budaker Gusztav Music School. Scheer has dug up the works of several composers that had been forgotten completely until then. A delightful CD with the title “The Ringing  Treasure Trove” that has been released in December 2021 gives proof of Scheer’s profound investigation and successful findings. The CD presents works composed between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, comprising two pieces of sacral music and a variety of dances performed by the Köszeg string orchestra. Bernadette and Uwe Scheer, a Hungarian Austrian couple, have been the promoters of Köszeg’s cultural development not only since last hear, however. They truly reflect the multilingual history of the city by living a bilingual everyday life with their family which unifies two different cultures by keeping up traditions and passing them on to future generations.