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Research Applications

Experience the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration at iASK through its Fellowship Program. As an institute that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, iASK fosters dialogue and cooperation across diverse fields such as environmental science, economy, history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, physics, visual arts, and music. By offering a fresh perspective on sustainable development, cultural heritage preservation, and […]

Working Papers

Fitra, Mohammad Yunas (2022) Minority Rights in Southeast Asia and ASEAN’s Response to State-directed Minority Persecutions: Special Emphasis on the Rohingya Minority Persecution Polányi Centre Working Paper I.2022/WP04 September 21, 2022 > Tepavcevic, Sanja (2022) Building Resilience in the Times of the Cold War: Motives and Geography of Yugoslav and Soviet Migrations in 1946 – […]


György Csepeli: A rebellious world of life The review was written by György Csepeli, iASK researcher and was released in Élet és Irodalom, in 2022. September 12, 2022 > György Csepeli: The Return of the Whole Dezső Boda: Complexity in Nature and Society – From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies (iASK, 2020, 177 pages) March […]

iASK Library

ABOUT US CATALOGUE SPECIAL COLLECTIONS DATABASES JOURNALS SERVICES CONTACTS Discover a wealth of knowledge and resources at the iASK Library, where approximately 10,000 volumes await curious minds. The collection predominantly focuses on the social sciences, and in recent expansions, also incorporates books on natural sciences. The library caters to a diverse range of interests, offering […]


Why do Ukrainians want to go back home? Possible causes behind the return of war refugees to Ukraine The article was written by Larysa Tamilina, associated fellow of iASK and was released on Vox Ukraine on 4 August 2022. September 13, 2022 longterm1 longterm2 longterm3 News rtg ukraine war > Why do Russians accept the […]

iASK Collections and Archives

Preserving Intellectual Heritage and Facilitating Research iASK Collections and Archives constitute an integral part of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, and serve as a repository for various archival materials, and personal bequests generously donated by prominent members of the iASK community. With a focus on preserving intellectual heritage and fostering research, this curated collection […]

Hungarian iASK Volumes

Kroó Norbert: Tudomány és technológia forradalma a 21. században Ez a könyv a huszonegyedik századi tudományról és technológiákról szóló előadások példákkal kiegészített, bővített változata. September 26, 2022 > Miszlivetz Ferenc – Sümegi István – Szabó Gábor – Szommer Ildikó – Tokaji Nagy Erzsébet: Daliás idők A Szombathelyen az 1980-as évek második felétől működő Németh László […]


Discover a wide range of scholarly works that showcase the extensive research output of iASK and its research fellows. The diverse collection of publications includes volumes available in both Hungarian and English. These volumes delve into various interdisciplinary topics, providing insightful perspectives on sustainable development, cultural heritage, and social and global challenges. Additionally, our Working […]


Driving Sustainable Development and Cultural Heritage Preservation KRAFT, the flagship project of the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), is dedicated to sustainable regional redevelopment and the preservation and management of cultural heritage. The mission is to facilitate innovative and interdisciplinary research while promoting effective cooperation among socio-economic stakeholders. It is through practical applicability and […]