Environmental Science

Research & Studies

Environmental Science

Environmental science research at iASK covers a wide range of topics, with a strong emphasis on understanding and conserving the natural environment. A multidisciplinary approach addresses various aspects of environmental science, including in-depth land research. The objective is to assess natural resources, understand their functions, and analyze the intricate interplay between ecosystems and human activities. […]

Regional Studies

Interdisciplinary Approach to Researching Regions in Transformation At the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), a primary research goal is to comprehend the diverse and ever-evolving nations and regions in Central and Southeastern Europe. Multidisciplinary research provides valuable insights into the social, economic, political, and cultural dynamics that shape these regions, as well as identifying […]

Complexity Studies

The Dynamics of Interconnection in the 21st Century At the Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), a strong emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates complexity studies to unravel the intricacies of contemporary problems. This research seeks to understand the interconnectedness and dynamic nature of complex systems, encompassing both natural and social environments. […]

Digital Society Research

Exploring Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethnography, and Online Activism In an era defined by rapid technological progress, societies have undergone unprecedented transformations across ecological, economic, political, and social realms. The pervasive influence of technology, from the reach of social media platforms to the immersive experiences offered by virtual and augmented reality, is shaping our lives in […]

Land Research

Core Fields: Land Use Planning: Shaping Sustainable Land Development Human Impacts on Land Resources: Evaluating Environmental Footprints Land-based Ecosystem Services: Understanding Ecological Functions Sustainable Land Use: Promoting Responsible Resource Management Land Resources Conservation: Preserving Land Quality Environmental Informatics: Integrating Data for Informed Decision-making Land Policy: Influencing Regulations and Guidelines Environmental Law: Navigating Legal Frameworks for […]

Research & Studies

Key iASK Research Fields Projects iASK conducts a wide range of diverse research projects that tackle pressing challenges and promote innovation and sustainable development. Research Applications Be a Part of iASK Innovation: Apply to the Fellowship Program Experience the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration at iASK through its Fellowship Program. view more Library and Collections

Water Research

Sustainable Water Resources and Management at iASK The water research initiatives center around the sustainable management of water resources, with a focus on agricultural water resources development. Water, as a vital and finite resource, requires responsible utilization to ensure the well-being of ecosystems and human societies. Interdisciplinary  innovative strategies and technologies are explored to address […]


Exploring Innovation and Sustainable Development iASK conducts a wide range of diverse research projects that tackle pressing challenges and promote innovation and sustainable development. The interdisciplinary approach bridges diverse fields, including climate science, soil research, social innovation, global challenges, complexity, and community engagement. The aim of these diverse research fields is to gain a deeper […]

Climate Change Adaptation

Evolutionary Perspectives on Adaptation and Global Survival The Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK) is dedicated to innovative climate change research, recognizing the urgent challenge of adapting to a changing climate and developing global survival strategies. From the perspective of evolutionary biology, research explores the profound implications of climate change on ecological systems and human […]

Current Projects

Soils for Europe Project Horizon Europe Framework Program (HORIZON) project No. 101091115 2022-2027 The EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ is leading the transition towards healthy soils by 2030. Research is key to achieving eight ambitious objectives that include reducing desertification, conserving soil organic carbon stocks and improving soil structure to enhance soil biodiversity. […]

English iASK Volumes

Norbert Kroó: Revolutions in XXIst Century Science and Technology This book is an expanded version, complete with examples, of lectures on twenty-first-century science and technologies. September 26, 2022 > Ferenc Miszlivetz – István Sümegi – Gábor Szabó – Ildikó Szommer – Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy: Heroic Times This content is available only in Hungarian. June 29, […]

Completed Projects

The Bakony Social Innovation Project Supported by VEB2023 ECOC Program 2022-2023 The Bakony Social Innovation Project supported the development of cultural-artistic programs in the participating municipalities (Bakonynána, Borzavár, Jásd and Nagyesztergár), which are part of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture (VEB2023 ECOC) Program, through research work. The fieldwork used the tool of ‘co-creation’, […]