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Socio Summit Conference

Exploring the Social Impact of Social Service Providers The Socio Summit Conference is an engaging event dedicated to examining resilience and the impact of the social services provider sector and addressing the pressing national and international challenges associated with it. This conference brings together esteemed researchers and practitioners in the field to delve into current […]

News & Events

News The 5th European BlueSky Conference October 31, 2023 Kraft Conference in Veszprém October 31, 2023 50+ years of water management and mismanagement, examples of international large rivers October 31, 2023 View More iASK in the Media Discover the impact of iASK in the media landscape and gain deeper insights into the transformative power of […]


Book launch: A Contested Europe written by Prof György Schöpflin The event was organised in honor of Prof. Schöpflin and of the book at the Danube Institute, where Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director of the iASK also gave a speech. Book Launch News&Events Book September 28, 2022 Beyond Personal Digital Assistants – Podcast with László Z. Karvalics […]

Annual Events

iASK Events: Bringing Together Visionaries, Scholars, and Professionals Events at iASK foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and inspiration. The diverse range of events attracts visionaries, scholars, and enthusiasts from around the globe, creating vibrant platforms for dialogue and exploration. From internationally renowned conferences such as the International KRAFT Conference and the European Blue Sky Conference, to […]

Academic News

Beyond Personal Digital Assistants – Podcast with László Z. Karvalics The fellow researcher of the Institute of Advanced Studies was interviewed by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in a podcast on the occasion of their conference. September 28, 2022 Norbert Kroó: Revolutions in XXIst Century Science and Technology This book is an […]

Cultural News

iASK at the 27th International Book Festival iASK presents its publications at the 27th International Book Festival in Budapest from September 29th to October 2nd . September 16, 2022

International KRAFT Conference

The KRAFT Conference: Advancing Regional Redevelopment and Sustainable Solutions The KRAFT Conference is a premier international event organized by iASK that focuses on regional redevelopment and sustainable solutions. With a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation, the conference brings together experts, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders from various fields to explore practical strategies for local and […]