Local Heritage

Research & Studies

Pannon House of Arts and Literature

Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration at iASK Step into a world where art, music, literature, and academia converge at the Pannon House of Art and Literature, a dynamic branch of iASK (Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg). Serving as a vibrant hub for artists, writers, musicians, scientists, and professionals in the social sciences and humanities, this unique center […]

Talking Houses

Unveiling the Hidden Stories of Kőszeg’s Architectural Heritage The Talking Houses Project in Kőszeg, Hungary is dedicated to preserving the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of this historic town. This urban research initiative was inspired by the visionary concept of Elemér Hankiss, breathes life into the architectural treasures of Kőszeg. Over the past five years, […]

Sounding City

Unique Artistic Project by Zoltán Mizsei Sounding City offers a unique soundscape of Kőszeg, an extraordinary artistic project led by Zoltán Mizsei, a musician and iASK researcher. Mizsei has composed music specifically for public spaces in the city, including fountains and churches, crafting a unique sound map that brings the city to life. The harmonious […]

Jewish Heritage

At iASK, we are committed to preserving Jewish cultural heritage in Koszeg, Hungary, and actively engage in research and initiatives focused on Jewish heritage. Our dedicated Jewish Heritage Research Group plays a crucial role in documenting, studying, and raising awareness about the rich Jewish history and traditions in Koszeg. As part of our efforts, iASK […]