Research & Studies

Quantum Mechanics and the Meaning of Life – The iASK at the HAS – Results of the First 5 Years



16:00 Opening remarks by Norbert Kroó, Ferenc Miszlivetz

16:05 József Bayer: Blue Sky conference proceedings and other iASK publications

16:15 “Dancing Molecules” on Dezső Boda’s book by János Abonyi and Mihály Pósfai

16:35 “Quantum” on Thomas Filk’s book András Gelencsér and Gábor Hofer-Szabó

16:55 Jody Jensen, Dimitar Nikolovski, Igor Stipic about Memory Politics and Populism in Southeastern Europe (Routledge, 2021)

Contributions by Iván Bába, Attila Pók, György Schöpflin

17:30 Emil Brix about Central Europe’s Revisited – Why Europe’s future will be decided

in the region (Routledge, 2021)

Zoltán Mizsei: Soundscape

17:40 Picture Book about the book by Kőszeg Kraft, Ferenc Miszlivetz and Laura Takács János Rechnitzer

18:00 László Trautmann presents the special issue of the iASK (review of Economic Theory)

18:10 Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy presents the September 2021 special issue of Vasi Szemle iASK

18: 20 Szabó Mariann, Jakobi Ákos: Local Flavours and Szigetköz Kraft

18:40 Gergely Tóth: Landscape, Waterscape, Soundscape

19:00 Zoltán Mizsei : Artscape – musical moments

Questions, comments, answers


Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) – Budapest H-1051 Széchenyni sq. 9,

Date: 04 October 2021 Monday 16:00

Interpretation will be provided for the English-Hungarian event!

Volumes to be presented:

Dezső Boda: Complexity in Nature and Society: From Dancing Molecules to Collapsing Societies. iASK, 2020.

Ferenc Miszlivetz-Laura Takács: Images of Kőszeg KRAFT. iASK, 2020.

Public Economy. Review of Economic Theory and Policy. Special Issue. XVI. Volume 3. Issue

Memory Politics and Populism in Southeastern Europe. ed. Jody Jensen, Routledge, 2021.

Risk, Responsibility and Resilience: New Strategies in the Labyrinths of Uncertainty. ed. Jody Jensen. iASK, 2019.

Central Europe’s Revisited – Why Europe’s future will be decided

in the region (Routledge, 2021)

Faultlines and Frontlines of European Transformation – ed. Jody Jensen. iASK, 2020.

Thomas Filk: ‘Quantum’ and ‘Quantum-like’: An Introduction to Quantum Theory and its Applications in Cognitive and Social Sciences. iASK, 2019.

Vas Szemle 2021. Special Issue of FTI-iASK


Invited speakers:

János Abonyi, Professor, University of Pannonia

Iván Bába, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Dániel Barcza, vice-rector, MOME

József Bayer, Academician, MTA

Emil Brix, director – Diplomatic Academy Vienna

András Gelencsér, Rector, University of Pannonia

Gábor Hofer-Szabó, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Ákos Jakobi, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Jody Jensen, Head of Polányi Centre, FTI-iASK

Norbert Kroó, Academician, MTA; Member of the Advisory Board of the FTI-iASK

Ferenc Miszlivetz, Director General, FTI-iASK

Zoltán Mizsei, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Dimitar Nikolovski, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Attila Pók, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Mihály Pósfai, Member of the HAS

János Rechnitzer, Researcher, FTI-iASK

György Schöpflin, President, Advisory Board, FTI-iASK

Mariann Szabó, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Igor Stipic, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Laura Takács, Consultant, FTI-iASK

Erzsébet Tokaji Nagy, Researcher, FTI-iASK

Gergely Tóth, Deputy Director General, FTI-iASK

László Trautmann, Associate Professor, Corvinus University