Research & Studies

1st day of ISU 2020 – Europe and Central Europe

29th June – Monday

Moderator: Viktor Polgár (iASK)

9:30-10:00      Online registration and technicalities

10:00-10:20    Opening: At the Margins of 24 Years: Ferenc Miszlivetz (director of iASK) and Béla Básthy (Mayor of Kőszeg)  

10:20-10:50    George Schöpflin: Europe and Central Europe: Faith, Illusions, Conflicts – 

10:50-11:00    Short Break

11.00-12:00    Panel discussion: Paradoxes of Central Europe 30 Years After – Illusions and Realities of Integration – Available at Zoom

Iván BábaErhard Busek, George Schöpflin

Chair: Ferenc Miszlivetz

12:00-12:30    Q&A Session – Available at Zoom

12:30-13:30    Lunch Break

13:30-14:00    Panel discussion: European Alternatives as seen from Southeastern Europe – Available at Zoom

iASK researchers: Igor Stipic, Dimitar Nikolovski, Astrea Pejovic, Sanja Angelovska, Dragana Kovacevic Bielicki

Chair: Jody Jensen

14:00-14:30    Q&A Session – Available at Zoom

14:30-15:00    Virtual tour of Kőszeg with Mónika Mátay