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LANDSUPPORT Decision Support Systems: performance at EU, country, regional and local scale

The report was written with the contribution of  Judit Pump, Petra Stankovics, Virág Zugfil-Maletics, Tamás Hermann, iASK researchers, and Gergely Tóth, iASK Deputy Director.

It was released as a JRC Technical Report in 2022.


This report presents the analysis carried out to testthe LANDSUPPORT DSS’s ability to support EU policies when applied at the EU scale. Key EU policies of interest include the 7th Environmental Action Porgamme; COM 2006/231 Soil Strategy, Dir 2000/60/EC Water Directive; Dir 2007/2/EC INSPIRE Directive. and the land-related targets of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular, SDGs 2 “Zero Hunger”, 3 “ggod healh and well-being”, 13 “Climate action”, 15, with a special emphasis to the key SDG 15.3.1, “achieving a land degradation-neutral world” (LDN) and climate change (CC) mitigation goals.

To achieve this objective, three main actions were undertaken:
1. Evaluation of the Landsupport DSS’s ability to support selected EU policies and SDGs.
2. Semi-structured interviews with senior EU officials and expertsof the European Commission, to test the usability of the selected tool at different scales
3. Test the LANDSUPPORT platform, through an assessment of the European scale tools output, an analysis and conformity check of the data delivered by the tools and a critical review of results.

The article is available HERE, with full text