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Musical Score in Kőszeg – Broadcast on Sunday (15 May 2022) on Duna TV

Musical Score – Cultural exploration in Hungary, with an open heart, together!

This is the motto of the programme led by opera singer Erika Miklósa and music historian András Batta.

In the Musical Score – there is harmony! That’s how Kőszeg became one of the solos, as the TV-show’s crew spent two days in Kőszeg this week.

Opera singer Erika Miklósa in the Kőszeg synagogue renovated within the KRAFT programme

The TV-show, which will be broadcast on Duna TV on Sunday 15 May 2022 at 13.25 (CET), will introduce the musical life of the town, from Ernő Sebestyén to Zoltán Mizsei, the research on the historical heritage of the town will be detailed by Ferenc Miszlivetz, head of the iASK, and Balázs Fűzfa will talk about the literary past of Kőszeg. Music was recorded in the Kőszeg synagogue (which was renovated as part of the KRAFT programme.) and the Church of the Heart of Jesus.

Directed by Péter Novák, the creators of the score are searching for community experiences, common values and outstanding people.

They entice the audience on a national tour where they can follow the tourist trail of music and other arts, traditions and new creations, masters and young talents.

Kőszeg and the iASK will be shown on Duna TV on 15 May 2022 in the afternoon in the programme “Musical Score”!