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Key Features and Factors behind Social Trust Formation in Ukraine

The article was written by Larysa Tamilina, associated fellow of iASK and was released in East European Politics and Societies: and Cultures in 2022.



While social trust is seen as an essential factor in political, economic, and social progress in the world, its country-specific mode of formation remains underresearched. Considering Ukraine as a primary subject of analysis, this study attempts to define significant predictors that contribute to or undermine trust levels in the country. Special attention is paid to the impact of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia on the patterns of building social trust among Ukrainians. The analysis applies a multilevel model to World Values Survey (WVS) data from the pre-war and in-war periods (2011 and 2020). The findings of the study argue that the emergence of social trust is primarily influenced by political conditions in Ukraine and closely linked by Ukrainians to the issue of liberal democracy.


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