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Jody Jensen: Singapore Globally Entangled. Lessons for Central Europe? (Society and Economy, 2021/1)

“Anikó Magasházi’s monograph provides an analysis that is embedded in a thorough and well-constructed discussion of the major and salient features of Singapore. The novelty of the topic is as evident today as it was evaluated by the author already as early as 1988 in her doctoral thesis. It still resonates particularly well today as developing countries search for alternative models of economic and social development in an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world. In some ways, the example of Singapore shines a light on what could happen in the best of all possible worlds; and the analysis explores new perspectives for emerging open and small countries, like Hungary.” (Excerpt)

Jody Jensen‘s review was released in Society and Economy 43(1), p. 93-95. and is available with full text HERE.